My thoughts on: “Is Facebook for Business Overrated”

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I ran across this post this morning Is Facebook for Business Overrated which got me thinking… It certainly is if you expect your Facebook page to replace your website and/or expect that just because you have a Facebook page you will attract a large number of “likes” which will in turn translate into all kinds of new business sales. It is worth remembering that the social and cultural transformations taking place are far more significant than any specific technology.

Yet, many agents have found that Facebook when viewed and implemented as part of an overall “social” strategy can be very effective on many levels.

Trust is a key component in the consumer-agent relationship and increasingly consumers are using Facebook and other social media to determine who they trust and who they want to do business with. These tools can also be an effective way to connect with customers and maintain a presence between insurance transactions.

Facebook is not all about you. As a listening post, it is also an effective resource to use to keep tabs on your current customers, as well as, track other consumer needs.

Each “social” tool has its place in a well-conceived and properly implemented marketing plan.  Failure, more often than not, comes from not fully appreciating the role of each and not leveraging the synergy that evolves from using many tools (even traditional media) in a comprehensive marketing effort.

What has been your experience? Is Facebook working for you?


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