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There is no question that the world Social Media can be, confusing, intimidating and overwhelming. You have probably heard about RSS, Wikis, blogs, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., etc., etc. – but you wonder what it all means and and how it can help your agency prosper and grow? – especially in these tough economic times.  Even if you are convinced that you should be using some of the social media tools, you wonder where to begin?

Since assuming the role of chair for the ACT Web 2.0 Work Group I have spent a good amount of time rummaging around the web reading blogs, attending webinars, and watching You Tube videos in attempt to get a grip on Social Media and better understand how it might be strategically relevant for our industry. So, I have personally experienced “Social Media Overload”.

Yet, thankfully, I have found several good resources that have helped educate me along the way. If you are starting the journey into Social Media universe you may find these useful.

Common Craft

Common Craft. I think this is a very cool resource. Basically, they make short simple videos to explain complex ideas. Check out their videos on RSS, Social Bookmarking, Wiki, Blogs and Twitter.

Alltop is basically a digital magazine rack. I found it to be a very simple and easy way to research topics. So for instance, look for iPhone and you get a very comprehensive listing of articles and blogs about iPhone.

Here are two Videos that I think will also help you understand why Social Media is NOW.

Yes, Perry can by a bit “raw” but he gets the point across.

Needless to say there is tons more but I hope this helps you get started. In my research I also used Twitter Search and kept track of everything using Delicious, Socialmedian, and Google Reader.

Question: The ACT Web 2.0 Work Group is looking for insurance agent and carrier use of Social Media. Are you using Social Media in your insurance business or do you know someone who is? If you do please let me know. Thanks – Rick Morgan

PS Check out the new Insurance Groupsite – Insurance Campus – an insurance industry person-to-person networking center.

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