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Typically, I don’t write book reviews. Yet, I found The Now Revolution so relevant and filled  full of actionable information that I felt compelled to let you know about it. I first “met” Amber Naslund on Twitter (@ambercadabra) about 3 years ago. Early on, Amber was a great help to me as I started my blog and began my “social”  journey. I am a regular reader of her Brass Tack Thinking blog and last year Peter van Aartrijk and I interviewed her for our Insurance Journal “On Point” podcast. What I appreciate about Amber is her ability to link a new technology or social trend back to a relevant business strategy or tactic. When I heard that she had partnered with Jay Baer (@jaybaer) and was writing a book I could hardly wait to get my hands on it. A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the Kindle version and finished it on a flight back from Vegas.

The Now Revolution provides readers with the business context that is missing from so many social discussions. It is a handbook of sorts – maybe even a survival guide for anyone who is navigating the social landscape. It does a great job identifying and underscoring the cultural shift being fueled by “social” and its impact on business.

Technology by itself is not magic. If magic is to happen it requires a business to do “new work” in “new ways”. That is, reinventing or creating new strategies, processes, and procedures, as well as, transforming the culture is mandatory in order to fully leverage and benefit from the promise and opportunity presented by new technology. Amber and Jay understand this and explore “7 shifts that can make your company faster, smarter, and more social.” They are the shits needed to position your company to compete and thrive in today’s digitally connected real time world.

As an example, the second shift “Find Talent You Can Trust” covers topics such as how to build and manage a purposeful team. how to hire, needed  skill sets, organizational structure, education, and the need to motivate are discussed in the context of finding, developing, and keeping talent you can trust. Besides outlining the process and providing strategic guidelines, the book is filled with “Now Hear This” notices that offer all kinds of actionable and  tactical suggestions. As an added bonus, the book is enhanced with Microsoft Tag Technology. Thus, using your smart phone you can gain access to bonus content including videos, tips, discussions and various other resources.

I couldn’t agree more with Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs who in her testimonial stated, “Jay and Amber have penned a book that truly isn’t a social media book. In other words, this isn’t the book you pick up when you want to create a blog or Twitter feed or Facebook group; rather, this is the book to read when you need to understand how our newly social and connected world has disrupted business as usual, and why you need to bother thinking about that.”

Yes, I highly recommend The Now Revolution. If you have already read it , please comment and let us know what you think.

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