More precisely, what do you think will be the key technology trends that will have an impact on the insurance industry in 2011?

The reason I am asking is that at the IIABA Agents Council for Technology (ACT) meeting in Tampa on February 19 there will be a Strategic Future Issues panel and breakout sessions discussing this question. I serve as the Chair for the ACT Social Web Workgroup and as such am very interested in the outcome of these discussions.

Over100 representatives from carriers, associations, and agencies, as well as, technology and media consultants will attend the meeting. This is the choir so to speak. While these folks are really smart and have plenty of informed ideas and opinions – here is your chance… I would really like to hear what you think. I encourage you to leave a comment on this post. Tell me what you see as the key technology trends that are and/or will have an impact on your business. How are you coping with the rapid advancement in technology and all the change it is bringing about? Is (or how is) new technology helping you grow your business?

I will make sure your opinion becomes part of the Strategic Future Issues discussion.